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A filmmaker, a father, a lover, a social activist and hacker of unjust systems. Of Catalan, Spanish and North American descent, his life and career span multiple continents, where he has written, directed, facilitated and edited over 20 films.


His projects range from experimental dance films to feature documentaries that explore the endless environmental and surveillance issues produced by technological capitalism. His feature documentary A Grain of Sand led to the creation of the smallest National Park in the world, and his collaborative documentary series (un)Lawful Access helped prevent the Canadian government from legalizing warrantless surveillance in Canada.


Creativity is one of the most beautiful gifts life gives us and as a creator, Joseph would like to do that gift justice by projecting ideas into this world that are relevant to a free, humane, and just society in all our relations.


2003 | United We Stand | feature film

2006 | Adrenalina | Catalan tv-movie

2009 | A Grain of Sand | feature documentary

2009 | Becoming | short dance film

2010 | Keepers of the Water | short documentary

2011 | Tales from the G20 | feature documentary

2011 | (un)Lawful Access | doc-series

2012 | Our Protection by LAL | music video 
2013 | The Shift | short dance film

2015 | Strange Matters | feature documentary

2017 | At Heart: Citizens of the Esplanade | documentary

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